Hello, and welcome to my portfolio website!
I am a curious digital maverick with a flair for frontend development, user experience design, and architectural photography. I have a huge passion for learning new tricks, and improving products and services.
With 4 years of weaving designer and developer threads, I've conjured digital experiences that delight users and go over client expectations. My repertoire spans design systems, web app development, and product design, while my love for architecture and photography adds a unique dimension to my crafts. 
As a relentless learner and fearless experimenter, I thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape, eager to push boundaries and turn pixels into immersive stories. With a passion for collaboration and an empathetic ear for user needs, I forge connections that drive innovative solutions. Whether I'm capturing urban beauty through the lens of my camera or exploring the depths of cutting-edge tech, I bring an unquenchable curiosity and a perpetual growth mindset to every adventure. 
Join me on this exciting journey where I blend artistry, code, and imagination to create accessible digital masterpieces. You are more than welcome to reach out to me via e-mail or Linked-in.

Berker Erol


Mcgill University - Bachelor of Architecture (2015)
Lighthouse Labs - Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp (2019)
Various certificates in UX Design, Design Thinking, After Effects (2019-2023)
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